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1800 - 2331121

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Organisational Structure:

In Bijapur there are in total 27 districts. In these districts there are in total ........ villages according to the population survey done in the year of 2014. There are total ......... cities in the district.


There are in total 2 major and minor rivers which passes throughout the district. Among these the main are Indravati, and Mingachal rivers.


Bijapur district is a predominantly agricultural district. The soil is fertile. Paddy, Kodo-Kutki, Sorghum and maize are the main agricultural crops sown by farmers in the district. Urad is the main lentil crop sown by farmers. Mustard is the main oil seed crop.


The climate of Bijapur is of extreme nature, i.e. very hot in the summers and biting cold in the winters.

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