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New 12-13th Finance

DRDA ( District Rural Development Agencies):

District Rural Development Agencies: DRDA has traditionally been the principal organ at the District level to oversee the implementation of the MoRD. From 1 April 1989 a separate DRDA has been introduced to take care of the Administrative costs. DRDA came in to exist in District Bijapur since 2010 when it was separated from its parent district Dantewada

Many Schemes of the Central and State Governments are introduced from time to time. Several schemes are available providing support to different components of Rural Development. Schemes are also periodically modified to reflect the experience over the years. The task of DRDA has been to identify the needs of the rural population and reach the appropriate schemes where they are needed. In implementing the schemes, the role of the DRDA has been Technical, Managerial and Financial. Thus DRDA is not only a body to disburse the funds for the schemes but also provide appropriate Managerial and Technical support.

DRDA Staff Position in district Bijapur is following:-

Name Designation Email Id Contact Number
Sameer Vishnoi IAS
CEO samvis@gmail.com 07587470111
Abbas Ali Shekh
APO jp-brg.cg@nic.in 09424298781
J L Nagesh
APO zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 09424749069
Yogesh Yadav
APO spbijapur.cg@nic.in 09406077150
Shivendra Singh Thakur
Steno Grapher sivamsinght7@gmail.com 09406225272
Abhishek Sharma
Tech. Assistant zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 09575237121
Rajesh Sahu
Tech. Assistant zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 09479224343
Vikas Soni
Tech. Assistant zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 07587791711
Yashwant Sahu
Tech. Assistant zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 09977032346
Ku. Meenu Gupta
Tech. Assistant zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 07587124443
Komal Singh Thakur
Clerk koresi.kamal@gmail.com 09406011907
Smt Konkad Samakka
Acoount clerk zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 09424170556
Smt. Kavita Singh
Clerk zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 09425567409
Smt Alka Jhadi
Clerk zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 0758772208
Ravi Kartikey
Clerk zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 09425889268
Farukh Khan
Driver zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 09406161112
Shiv dayal Thakur
Driver zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 09424292634
G. Jay Lal
watchmen zpbijapur.cg@nic.in 09406201729

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