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Usoor Block's

New Aawapalli New Basaguda New Kasiguda New Cherakdodi
New Bhandarpal New Penkram New Pedyageloor New Gundam
New Chinnagelur New Dugaiguda New Chintakonta New Chatlapalli
New Dudheda New Chirpur Bhatti New Pegdapalli New Pakela
New Dareli New Pedachanda New Mangaltor New Metaguda
New Dharmaram New Damaram New Chinnadharmaram New Jidpalli
New Farsapalli New Bhattiguda New Engpalli New Munjal Kanker
New Kanhaiguda New Narsapur New Konjed New Tekalgudiyam
New Gaganpalli New Galgam New Nambi New Phuttapalli
New Gunjeparti New Nadpalli New Hirapur New Puskonta
New Nendra New Ilmidi New Jarapalli New Burdamadgu
New Tongguda New Tekler New Peddadharankattu New Mediguda
New Errabor New Tukiguda New Kaurgutta New Kanchala
New Gundrajguda New Kondapalli New Komatpalli New Bhattiguda
New Kottapenta New Oautpalli New Burguda New Rajpeta
New Korsaguda New Sarkeguda New Baknagulguda New Jinippa
New Aipenta New Lankapalli New Pedapalli New Badesukanpalli
New Chhotesukanpalli New Dholeguda New Surnar New Lingagiri
New Polempalli New Tumrela New Kotur New Malempenta
New Mallepalli New Dharamapur New Dalla New Lingapur
New Bhusapur New Marudbaka New Murdanda New Gupkonta
New Sandrel New Pangampal New Modakpal New Murkinar
New Chintanpal New Nela Kanker New Kamlapur New Chinganpalli
New Rekhapalli New Nukanpal New Cheramangi New Dharavaram
New Punnoor New Bomed New Minagatta New Palaguda
New Pedadharmaram New Chinnadharankattu New Pamed New Gadiguda
New Tekmetla New Polampalli New Bhimaram New Pujarikanker
New Chinganmot New Chinnautlapalli New Kottapalli New Saped
New Rampur New Pusbaka New Pusgudi New Pawrel
New Kesgal New Chilkapalli New Futkel New Sankanpalli
New Semaldodi New Utlapalli New Perampalli New Tarrem
New Chutwahi New Timmapur New Yampur New Raspalli
New Botetong New Pinachanda New Usur

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