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New Block
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Bijapur Block's

New Kottapal New Borje New Burji New Malloor
New Chhotehiroli New Nainpal New Edasmeta New Dumirpalnar
New Kawdagaon New Durdha New Cherpal New Pedakawwali
New Chinnakawal New Chinnakodepal New Ralapal New Tamodi
New Mirganghotul New Doditumnar New Dhanora New Dogoli
New Itpal New Jaitaloor New Manjhiguda New Komla
New Kuyenar New Eeramnar New Andri New Kuyem
New Gampur New Gangaloor New Gongla New Chokhanpal
New Cherkanti New Bhogamguda New Kadenar New Japeli
New Durdha New Kader New Gundapur New Kaika
New Kachilwar New Ghumra New Mosla New Kamkanar
New Chinnajojer New Guddipal New Kandulnar New Aaded
New Isulnar (Kotra) New Gorna New Mankelli New Hiroli
New Marriwada New Metapal New Kachlaram New Itulnar
New Midte New Dupeli New Kakadmeta New Matala
New Mormed New Aded New Gunjakonta New Chintanpalli
New Turnar New Nukanpal New Musaloor New Naimed
New Pedajojer New Padmoor New Padmoor New Paddeda
New Palnar New Papanpal New Koyaitpal New Pedakodepal
New Pidiya New Pedakorma New Kake Korma New Bodla Pusnar
New Munga New Pusnar New Reddi New Koter
New Santashpur New Pamalwaya New Bhosaguda New Chilnar
New Sagwahi New Ponjer New Todka New Edainaar
New Sawnar New Korcholi New Nenda New Toynar
New Tumnar

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